New Hampshire Fish and Game to Be Featured on Animal Planet

'North Woods Law' moves west from Maine to focus on duties of state wildlife officers

Jan. 9, 2017

The Concord Monitor in New Hampshire is reporting that state wildlife officers will be the subject of an Animal Planet cable TV show, North Woods Law: New Hampshire, set to air sometime in 2017.

The show will be patterened after the popular North Woods Law show set in Maine, which ended its four-year run last year under some controversy. Like its predecessor, the New Hampshire version will follow state conservation officers as they perform routine duties such as enforcing laws, maintaining animal populations and even rescuing lost hikers.

Filming began in May of 2016 and wrapped in November, but the network has yet to announce a start date for the show other than to say it would begin airing sometime in 2017.

Here's more from the Monitor:

North Woods Law: New Hampshire is based on a similar program out of Maine, which ended recently amid questions of whether filming contributed to controversial poaching raids in 2014.

The New Hampshire version will include law enforcement.

“Did you kill the deer? Tell me the truth right now,” a stern-faced Fish and Game officer says in the preview.

But the show will also emphasize conservation and biology, said Maj. John Wimsatt, assistant chief of law enforcement for the Fish and Game Department.

“One of the biggest goals of the program was to show a broad diversity of the work that the people of the Fish and Game department do,” said Wismatt, who has yet to see all of the episodes...

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