Unusual Evidence of Predator-Prey Relationship Discovered in Georgia

Coastal wetlands reveal odd discovery that leads to revelation from wildlife biologist

Friday, June 30, 2017

By Mark Carter

Man hunts gator. Man hunts hog. Sometimes, python hunts gator. Recently in the coastal Georgia wetlands, however, it's evident that gator hunts hog.

Wildlife biologist Dave Edwards for the Quality Deer Management Association chronicles a discovery that adds a new item to a long list of unusual things found in the deer woods over the course of his 20-year career.

The item appeared to be a coconut on initial inspection. Discovered near the storied Cabin Bluff lodge in extreme southeastern Georgia just across from Cumberland Island, it turned out to be proof that something big had been feeding on "local" hogs.

This hog hairball was taken from a road-kill gator in coastal Georgia. (Courtesy of QDMA)


Read Dave's full post here. In the meantime, here's a sample:

Throughout my career I have also encountered lots of odd findings that led to quests for answers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked myself (or someone else has asked me) questions like “What animal did this?” or “How did this get here?” Well, I encountered such a question a few weeks ago...

...It appeared at first to be a small coconut. Once I picked it up, it was obviously a very tightly condensed hairball of some kind. Jody said he tried to cut it in half with a machete, but the blade simply bounced off. The hairball was light given its size but very dense, and it was obvious to me it was composed of feral hog hair, which are abundant here in coastal Georgia. Jody told me he found it on the ground in open hardwoods along the edge of a wetland and roughly 300 yards from our gut pile...

...It wasn’t until a couple weeks later that we learned the real source of our mysterious hairball.


Read the full post to find out more about how Dave and Jody discovered the story behind the mysterious hairball and how in coastal Georgia, gators are hunting hogs.

[Editor's note: Just a friendly reminder for those inclined to apply this anecdote to other outdoor activities....last fall on a beautiful Ozark gridiron, Hogs hunted Gators.]