A Hunting Q-and-A with Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch (VIDEO)

State's No. 2 elected official started hunting late, but she's making up for lost time

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

[Editor's Note: As hunting seasons open this month across the country, America Hunt is revisiting a piece that ran originally back in February, a hunting Q-and-A with Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. As readers will see, Kleefisch's relatively recent introduction to hunting has only bolstered her enthusiasm.]

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch is an enthusiastic turkey hunter these days, but she didn't hunt for the first time until two years ago, when she was 39.

Introduced to hunting by her husband, Wisconsin State Rep. (and fellow Republican) Joel Kleefisch, she is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and hunting rights, and is one of many prominent elected officials across the country who are hunters. 

Kleefisch recently took the time to answer some questions from America Hunt about her hunting experience: 

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch’s turkey hunting firearm, the 20-gauge Winchester SX 3

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch’s turkey hunting firearm, the 20-gauge Winchester SX 3

AH: How old were you when you went hunting for the first time?

RK: I was 39! I wasn't raised in a hunting family…fishing only. I've been fishing since age 3. My husband, Joel, got hooked on hunting and took me a couple of years ago.

AH: What was your first hunt?

RK: I’m a turkey hunter. It was for turkey and it takes more patience than my schedule can usually allow.  

See Kleefisch's fall turkey hunt video below:

AH: What was the first animal you took, and how old were you?

RK: Turkey, a young tom, 39.

AH: What firearm did you use?

RK: Winchester SX 3 [as seen above].

AH: Is hunting a tradition in your family?

RK: It is now! My daughters (10 and 13) are regulars with their dad. They’ve brought down everything from wild boar to geese to deer to turkeys.

AH: How often do you hunt?

RK: I confess to not having a lot of calendar space, so only once a year. I usually go spring turkey.

AH: What species do you hunt, and which is your favorite? 

RK: Turkey.

AH: How do you hunt for game? Modern gun, muzzleloader, bow? 

RK: Modern gun. I use the same gun my daughters use. I like a 20-gauge shotgun.

AH: Where do you like to hunt? 

RK: A well-scouted field, and I prefer hiding to a blind.

AH: What hunting firearms do you have now?

RK: Too many to count in our gun safes!

AH: Do you use a gunsmith?

RK: He [Joel] has a few; all local Wisconsinites.

AH: Do you have any old firearms that you love and keep but no longer use?

RK: No, but we have an old Bear bow on our fireplace mantle.

AH: Do you have a special camaraderie shared with fellow hunters?

RK: I think it’s nice to show interest and spend time with your spouse without technology to spoil time together.

AH: Do you have any special memories of hunts?

RK: Most of the memories are of good meals shared, which comes afterward. I’m told to be quiet in the blind. That doesn't usually make for great memory-making…

AH: What’s your favorite hunt?

RK: Wisconsin!

AH: Do you ever practice sport shooting on a range or with shotguns?

RK: Yes. I prefer someone’s acreage to a range, though. Less pressure because fewer people are judging your shots.

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