Answers About America Hunt

What does America Hunt do?

America Hunt provides daily news about hunting and shooting in the U.S. and lists every place in the U.S. open to hunters and every guide and outfitter. 


How do I get listed on America Hunt?

If you are not listed, please add your hunting destination, guide or outfitter information


How did you develop your hunting directory of guides and outfitters?

Our researchers create original objective descriptions based on detailed research gathered from multiple sources such as state game and fish commissions, chambers of commerce and printed directories. 


Is there a charge to be listed in America Hunt?

No.  All services of America Hunt are free.


How do I correct an error or omission in your listings?

Email Jessica at


I have news to send you.  To whom do I send it?

Send to Mark Carter, our news editor, at


How does America Hunt earn money?

We sell one branding display ad on each page of our website.  This is our only source of revenues.


Who owns America Hunt?

Porter Briggs.


How can I contact Porter?


Where is your office located?

5611 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Arkansas 72207


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