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For 17 million Americans, hunting is a big part of their lives. They have a connection to the land and want to be in the woods. For many, it is a bond between parent and child. For others, it’s the simple need to put food on the table.

America Hunt understands the passion that drives America’s hunters – the desire to be in the woods and harvest God’s bounty.

America Hunt was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, by people who love hunting and shooting. Our mission is to provide the latest news on all aspects of hunting, sport shooting and archery. If we missed your news, please email our editor Mark Carter at Mark@AmericaHunt.com

We also provide a complete list of every place you can hunt in America and every guide and outfitter. If someone has been left out, please email Charlie Williams at Charlie@AmericaHunt.com.

And if you want to communicate with me, please email me at Porter@AmericaHunt.com, or call me at 501.891.5002, if you would rather chat.

Welcome to America Hunt.

Porter Briggs, Founder & President


More About Porter

Porter started hunting squirrels with a single-shot .22 rifle with metal sites when he was 8. His grandfather taught him how to hunt and shoot in the woods outside his home in Hope, Arkansas. If Porter missed a squirrel, he had to stop and reload after each shot. It was hard to find the squirrel again, so he learned early to relax, breathe, squeeze the trigger and fire. 

So it was easy in college to win the Army ROTC M1 Garand competition against 180 cadets. 

In the 1960s, when he was a 2nd Lieutenant Infantry rifle platoon leader in the 8th Infantry Division serving in Germany, Porter was the top marksman in his battalion.  Then he became a tank platoon leader when he was transferred to a tank battalion, and had to learn tank gunnery, a new kind of marksmanship. 

Eight weeks after first entering a tank – they had to tell him how to get in -- he won the top tank gunnery score against 51 other tanks in his battalion. And he did it again a second year, winning the singular distinction of “Distinguished Tank Crew.” 

His great reward for this achievement was the honor of being selected by his battalion commander to give a field briefing to his V Corps commander, Lieutenant General Creighton Abrams, later the Commanding General of U.S. Forces in Vietnam. General Abrams was a personal hero of Porter. 

In World War II, General Abrams had commanded the 37th Tank Battalion that spearheaded General Patton’s Third Army push across Europe into Germany.  Patton said of Abrams, “I’m supposed to be the best tank commander in the Army, but I have one peer – Abe Abrams. He’s the world champion.”

Porter’s success in the Army as a marksman and as a junior officer fulfilled his interest in hunting. Although no longer a hunter or marksman, he still loves his two World War II Carbines, one an M1 and the other a fully automatic M2 (with an ATF permit, of course).

Porter has had a long career in business in Little Rock, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington, D.C. And now he’s back in Little Rock, where he started it all. 


Porter pic copy

Future America Hunt founder Porter Briggs sits atop his M60-A1 tank while serving in the U.S. Army in Germany in the 1960s. Behind Porter mounted on top of his tank is his M2 50-Caliber Heavy Machine Gun with flash suppressor.